Affordable Traditional Braces in Houston

Correct crooked and crowded teeth, a misaligned bite, and jaw problems.

Affordable braces in HoustonTraditional braces correct severe crowding or spacing problems by using brackets and a series of different wires. You typically begin with a flexible wire to move teeth towards the desired position.

As teeth become more aligned, thicker wires are used. Elastics will be worn through out treatment, in order to correct severe overbites or deep bites.

If you’re looking for affordable braces in Houston TX, Creative Smiles experts are ready to help you. The first thing about braces whether you avail of the dental treatment in Houston TX or anywhere in the world, is that it is an expensive treatment. If you are looking for affordable braces, you should be ready to wear them for a longer period of time round the clock. If affordable braces in Houston TX are what you are looking for, you will get best results from our Orthodontists. All the best! Get a great smile and let it last though your life!

  • Who’s a good candidate for braces? Good candidates for braces would include anyone with major teeth and jaw discrepancies, patients with impacted teeth that did not erupt, and those patients who don’t mind wearing braces for an extended period of time.
  • At what age can people get braces? Patients can begin orthodontics in the adolescence stage when they have primary and permanent teeth present.
  • What are the benefits of braces? The result of braces can benefit patients by providing function, providing the ability to improve oral hygiene, and boosting your self esteem.
  • What’s the difference between six month smiles and traditional braces? Six Month Smiles focuses on correcting only the teeth that show when you smile. Traditional braces will correct the way your teeth fit together in the back, in addition to correcting major teeth and jaw discrepancies.
  • Will patients need to wear a retainer after? Patients will definitely need to wear a retainer after comprehensive ortho treatment. If you don’t wear your retainer, your teeth will shift out of position.
  • Are braces expensive? Braces can be expensive but the results will last you a lifetime!
  • Are braces covered by insurance? Depending on the limitations of your insurance plan, braces are sometimes covered by the insurance.

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